Monday, June 29, 2020

working with chumpi stones, benefits and uses...

Working with Chumpi khuyas, chumpi alabaster or chumpi stones

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Chumpi or Kuyas Stones are known as healing stones and have been used for centuries by the Q'ero shamans & healers in the Andes in healing practices for initiating and transmitting lineage rites and to connect to the sacred mountains known as Apus. These healing stones are connected with these sacred mountains of Peru, taking power in the hands of the Apus.

They are best used when installed and are woven into the architecture of the body bright bands of power. The chumpis khuyas working in the energetic points of our body "chakras" the names of our main sacred mountains are:
7 Points = Crown Chakra (Apu Machu Picchu)
6 Points = Third Eye Chakra (Apu Wakaywillka)
5 Points = Throat Chakra (Apu Saqsaywaman) 
4 Point   = Heart Chakra (Apu Wuanakaury)
3 points = solar plexus chakra (Apu Pachatusan)
2 Points = Sacral Chakra (Apu Salkantay) 
1 Point   = Root Chakra our column (Apu Ausangate)

People working with khuyas chumpis and make a recovery are called (Chumpi paqos).

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